My new album ‘Deo volente’ was released in March 2024. Really happy with it. It is a collection/selection of string quartets I composed, arranged and recorded in the period 2012-2024. I worked with a couple a different string quartets like the Limburgs strijkkwartet from Belgium and a couple of musicians from the AndrĂ© Rieu orchestra. There’s some Marillion related music on the album, like my instrumental take on Blind Curve and Pseudo Silk Kimono from Misplaced Childhood and Bridge (from Brave). An Elegy for Hanna van de Voort, a true heroic woman, and a piece I named the Jerone Hill suite, a compilation of string arrangements and compositions that I wrote for the talented Jeroen de Heuvel (aka Jerone Hill) . After the release of the album I will share more background info on the individual tracks. A big thank you to all the musicians involved and my engineer Arno op den Camp who , as always, was a big help with this recording.

And on May 12th 2024 my new album ‘Being Time’ was released. I know that’s very soon after the release of my album ‘Deo volente’ with string quartets but it makes perfectly sense to me. ‘Deo volente’ is an album with compositions and arrangements and ‘Being Time’ is completely improvised. Played on one synthesizer with two hands, everything in real time with no edits. Playing and just being time. Inspired by the Tangerine Dream album ‘Zeit’. Music that by listening to it or even by having it played in the background changes the physical and mental room you are in. Being time.


1. Being Time

2. The Map is not the Territory

3. Morgenlandfahrt

4. Norbertarian counterpoint I

5. Boddicker Laudatio

6. Stranger Things

7. Norbertarian counterpoint II

8. Norbertarian counterpoint III

9. Norbertarian counterpoint IV

10. Fahrenkrog Laudatio